Curb risk with Apple device security.

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Apple device security that puts worry behind you.

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An Apple device security breach of any shape and size has detrimental ramifications to your business.

It is therefore not only important, but critical, to put safeguards in place to protect your company's information.

The good news? With Jamf Now’s mobile device management (MDM) security settings, your organization can take advantage of the native Apple security frameworks without compromising on the user experience. Jamf Now’s MDM security features are built for the Apple platform and integrate with native Apple security controls. It features a suite of encryption tools, restrictions and remote management capabilities.

MDM security that helps you sleep better at night.

From enforcing passcodes and encryption, to remotely locking or wiping a device, Jamf Now ensures you have the MDM security settings you need so your Apple devices and the information on them is untouchable – just the way you want it.

Passcode Requirement

Get the peace of mind you deserve. By requiring a passcode on all your enrolled devices, along with enforcing an auto-lock period, you can take comfort in knowing your devices are encrypted and data is secure.

Disk Encryption

Encrypt the entire drive on a Mac with FileVault to protect your data with enterprise-level encryption. Jamf Now goes one step further to encrypt and store your recovery keys. You never know when you’ll need them.


Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV restrictions allow you to manage preferences for your enrolled Apple devices. Customize settings on all enrolled devices. If needed, choose from a variety of additional restrictions for your supervised devices.

Remote Lock or Wipe

Ensure lost or stolen devices don’t become a security threat. Disable the device until the passcode is entered. Unlock it only when the correct passcode is applied. Or, remotely wipe all the data. You may not have the device, but you’re still in control.

Lost Mode

Device gone missing? Disable and locate a lost iPad or iPhone device, all without compromising an employee’s privacy. When Lost Mode is activated, the iOS device receives a customized lock screen message, is disabled from use and shows its location.

Two-step Verification

Two-Step Verification (aka two-factor authentication) adds an extra layer of protection. Whenever you sign in to Jamf Now, enter both your password and a security code from your mobile phone to use this optional security feature.

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