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A solution that builds on what you have.

The power of “and.”

Amplify the power of what you have.

We understand that when you invest in new software, you just need it to work within your environment. Jamf builds solutions that extend and connect. From cross-industry integrations to specific solutions, Jamf integrates with more than 200 providers to ensure we work the way you need us to work.

Cross-Industry Integrations

IT Service Management

ServiceNow: Complete ServiceNow software license management workflows with macOS inventory and software delivery from Jamf Pro. End users go to one central place to create an IT help request for apps, gain approval and then automatically install their software.

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Flexera: Provide a streamlined Mac app purchasing process to end users with customizable licensing approval workflows and automated app deployment when combining Jamf Pro with Flexera’s App Portal.

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Network Access

Cisco: Provide compliance checking and streamlined enrollment for devices connected to a client network through Jamf Pro and Cisco Identity Services Engine. The result? A streamlined onboarding process and confidence that devices are network connected, managed and compliant.

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Aruba: Streamline device enrollment while building confidence that your devices are managed and compliant. With Jamf Pro and Aruba, devices are automatically enrolled and configured.

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Extreme Networks: Enable IT departments to troubleshoot and gain visibility into individual users, and see active directory or guest status information, including sponsor, location, access points and applications, as well as device type with Jamf and Extreme Networks NetSight NAC.

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Wandera: Deploy the Wandera app along with a Managed App Config to make end-user device deployment and configuration easy.

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Certificate Management

Symantec: Automatically issue and report on certificates to gain efficiencies when giving your users access to company resources, such as email, VPN, and WI-FI. Never go to a separate place to issue a Symantec PKI certificate again! Built-in integration in Jamf Pro.

Business Intelligence

RobotCloud: Easily monitor the health of managed devices and extend the reporting capabilities of Jamf Pro with RobotCloud’s Dashboard.

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Industry-Specific Integrations


eSpark: Combine eSpark’s unique learning technology with Jamf Pro to automate app distribution based on the individualized learning needs of each and every student.

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Epic: With a unique Healthcare Listener built into its workflow, Jamf Pro listens for the HL7 command from Epic and automatically triggers a remote action to digitally sterilize a patient bedside device after patient discharge. Built-in integration in Jamf Pro.

Leverage the wonderful world of apps.

Using Jamf to remotely enroll, deploy and manage macOS, iOS and tvOS devices you can do so much more. Check out a few of our featured apps.

Crestron: Control room environments.

FileMaker: Create custom apps.

Teem: Manage meetings.

KioskPro: Create a custom kiosk for sign-in, sign-up and or interactive surfing.

But wait, there’s more!

Check out our list of recommended open-source tools for use as extension attributes and scripts.


Allows for Active Directory integration of Mac clients without binding.

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JSSImporter for AutoPkg

Extends AutoPkg to create groups, upload packages and scripts, add extension attributes, and create policies for Jamf Pro to fully-automate software testing workflows.

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A framework to gather, process and monitor system events and link them to an inventory.

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Builds a system image suitable for deployment with Imagr, DeployStudio, LANrev, Jamf Pro and other asr-based imaging tools.

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