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Introducing Jamf Pro Version 10.

Get an early look.

Not just another pretty face.

More intuitive. More power. Happier users.

Have you heard? Jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite) is getting a makeover when version 10 debuts in 2017. It’s the culmination of 14 years working with IT experts to build the best Apple device management solution.

Jamf Pro Version 10: Coming soon to an office near you.

Jamf Pro will be outfitted with a new intuitive design, making it even easier for you and your teams to navigate Mac, iPad and iPhone deployment and management. With more functionality to automate common IT workflows, stronger security and improved performance, Jamf Pro perfects Apple device lifecycle management.

Improved Interface

Jamf Pro will have a new look and improved responsive design. Driven from extensive user feedback and testing, Jamf Pro will be easier to navigate and use than ever before. And, with more dashboards, easily keep your stakeholders apprised and your environment in check.

Self Service Reimagined

The admin interface isn’t the only thing that will get a face lift. Jamf Pro will feature a freshly designed Self Service app catalog, ensuring the intuitive Apple user experience extends to your end users. And, with the ability to brand Self Service and embed user alerts, you will further deliver on the promise of user-centric IT.

Patch Policies

Make manual software patching a thing of the past. With Jamf Pro, you will also get automatic patch notifications, in addition to one simplified workflow to identify and deploy patches. Insert “easy button” here.

Certificate Management

You can never be too secure. Jamf Pro will make it easier to safeguard your environment with Certificate Management. Deploy identity certificates from a Certificate Authority (CA), including integration with Symantec Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).


Work seamlessly to enhance the power of your existing systems. Complete with new integrations with Symantec PKI, ServiceNow, Epic EHR and Webhooks for Events API, Jamf Pro will connect your dots.

This information is intended to outline our general product direction and should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion. Features are subject to change. Some features may not be available in all regions or all languages.