Efficiently inventory, deploy and manage Apple devices.

Manage any learning environment with Jamf School.

Your time is valuable.

With school and district IT administrators wearing so many hats in our ever-changing learning environment, it's important that deploying and managing Apple devices for teachers and students runs smoothly and efficiently so that you can spend your day focusing on supporting teachers and students.

That's why Jamf School is purpose-built for Apple devices in education: you can partner with teachers, parents, and students in creating the best learning environment, often without ever touching a device.

Jamf School offers:

  • Zero-touch deployment allowing IT to provision devices based on the needs of each school, class or instructor
  • App, website and functionality management for optimum security and student safety
  • Dashboard allows IT to see the status of devices quickly and easily, identifying issues for remediation
  • An incident system to keep track of whether and when devices have been damaged or other possible problems have been detected
  • Location support that, from a single location, manages each location and its devices, users and groups separately

Purpose-built for Apple in the classroom

The power of Jamf School's integrated apps

Jamf Teacher app for Jamf School

Give teachers the tools to manage their class: instantly restrict websites, apps, the camera and much more. You can even start a video conference with a student or group of students immediately when needed—with the simple push of a button.

Jamf School Student app

Manage your student devices effectively and easily with the Jamf School Student app. You can allow them to focus on their education with safe approved apps and websites while limiting content and unauthorized distractions like social media and games

Jamf School Parent app

Now more than ever, parents are an essential partner in a child’s education—especially with a school-issued device in the home. The Jamf Parent app for Jamf School allows parents to partner with their child’s school to oversee and manage their devices. Parents can limit content and time on a device as well as determining the location of their children.

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