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Annual Support Agreement (ASA) - Frequently Asked Questions

The ASA grants you the right to receive all new versions of the Casper Suite, or its components, for one year based on the number of seats specified in your agreement. It also gives you access to technical support, certification courses, documentation, user groups, onsite project assistance, and other special offers based on the terms of your agreement (additional fees for some services are required, however license holders often receive discounted rates for some of these services).

What happens when it’s time to renew the Annual Support Agreement?

The ASA includes the right to use the Casper Suite and, among other benefits, gives you access to various levels of support for one year. Upon renewal, the scope of your environment will be reassessed and the number of seats (workstations or computers) within your environment will be adjusted to reflect any growth that may have occurred since your original purchase or your most recent renewal. This is called “right sizing”.

How much does the renewal of an Annual Support Agreement cost?

Upon the anniversary date of your original purchase, a renewal fee will be invoiced for 20% of the current purchase price. A per-seat fee will also be charged for any workstations or computers that were added to your environment. This fee varies depending on how many seats were added.

Will JAMF Software contact us before our Annual Support Agreement expires?

Yes, we will contact you before your anniversary date to initiate the renewal process and to discuss your environment. This ASA expires one year from the date of your original purchase, or from the date of your most recent renewal. A renewal of your ASA happens annually at the anniversary date of your original purchase.

What happens if we don’t renew our Annual Support Agreement?

A termination of the ASA means that your organization has chosen to no longer receive updates to the Casper Suite. Deploying it to new machines within your environment beyond the initial licensing is a violation of the EULA.

Can we renew our Annual Support Agreement if we’ve already missed a renewal date?

Customers have up to 30 days after their anniversary date to continue their ASA. After 30 days a reinstatement fee of 20% of the current list price will be added to the 20% annual renewal cost.

What happens if our organization has grown beyond the scope of our agreement?

When your organization renews its ASA with JAMF Software, it will be “right-sized” to reflect the computers or workstations you are currently managing. The cost for those additional seats depends on how many have been added. That fee is invoiced at the time of renewal.

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