An Introduction to Jamf Pro and iOS

Jamf Pro provides full lifecycle management of Apple devices and allows you to do more with iPad and iPhone.

Jamf Pro provides full lifecycle management of iPad and iPhone devices, and empowers you to:

  • Enroll devices using Apple's Device Enrollment Program, user-initiated enrollment, or Apple Configurator
  • Manage devices all from one, central location
  • Configure devices by applying device settings and deploying configuration profiles
  • Distribute apps and content directly to devices or to a user's Apple ID with the help of Apple's Volume Purchase Program
  • Give more freedom to end users with a curated app store where users can get the resources they need, when they need them
  • Report on device inventory and track the status of all of your iOS devices
  • Manage groups and automatically categorize devices based on location, department, and more
  • Secure devices by leveraging native Apple technologies to protect corporate and personal data

Watch this video for a more detailed account of Jamf Pro's iOS features and see how streamlined device management is the best way to enable your users to be more productive and creative.