JAMF Announces New Cloud Services that Reduce IT Effort and Ensure Security

JAMF’s Cloud Services Include a First-of-its-Kind Patch Management Solution for the Mac

MINNEAPOLIS – Aug. 2, 2016 – JAMF Software, the leader in Apple device management, today announced a new release of Casper Suite, which includes cloud-based content distribution and patch management services. This release also improves enterprise integration, combining the benefits of cloud-based management with a seamless user experience.

JAMF’s focus on cloud-based device management aims to radically simplify the most frequent and time consuming IT tasks, including software deployment and patching. With JAMF’s cloud distribution service, IT can easily distribute software packages regardless of what network or location they are connecting from.

“With JAMF’s cloud distribution service, we can reach out from our headquarters to all of our program sites throughout San Diego County,” said Ryan Purvis, IT Coordinator, Harmonium. “This invaluable tool helps the IT department ensure our staff members have the latest software and updates without disruption to their daily operations.”

The latest release of Casper Suite also includes a first-of-its-kind patch management solution. By subscribing to JAMF’s cloud patch service, IT will automatically receive notifications when a third-party patch is available. This eliminates the time consuming, manual processes associated with patching software for the most widely used applications (i.e. Microsoft Office 2016, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Google Chrome and more), so IT no longer has to spend time searching for patches and can focus on more strategic priorities. Armed with this information, IT can take action by making a patch available to users through JAMF’s Self Service application, or by pushing a patch to install automatically. Both methods help ensure all third-party applications are current and organizations are secure from software vulnerabilities.

“This new feature will be a game changer for many of us,” said Mike Morales, Senior Mac Systems Engineer, Worldcom Exchange Inc. “It will handle 90 percent plus of the now manual patching we need to do. Pure brilliance.”

“Patching third-party software can be a tedious and manual process, requiring significant time and resources from IT,” said Dean Hager, CEO, JAMF Software. “JAMF reimagined this process, giving IT organizations an automated way to combat security vulnerabilities. It ensures end users always get the latest and greatest software without disrupting their work, ultimately making them more productive.”

With a new data center located in Frankfurt, Germany, companies now have their data hosting region of choice in the U.S. or E.U. JAMF also encourages customers to leverage Casper Suite to test the macOS Sierra and iOS 10 betas in preparation for general availability this fall. For more information on this release, visit: https://www.jamfsoftware.com/blog/summer-2016-release-a-better-workday-is-here/.

Click here to view JAMF’s throw-back infomercial on today’s new Cloud Services offering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frA-S_qzKeE.

About JAMF Software
Since 2002, JAMF Software has been solely focused on helping organizations succeed with Apple. JAMF is committed to enabling IT to empower end users and bring the legendary Apple experience to businesses, education, and government organizations via its Casper Suite and Bushel® software, and the 35,000+ member JAMF Nation Community. Today, more than 8,000 global customers rely on JAMF to manage 6.2 million Apple devices. To learn more, visit: http://www.jamfsoftware.com.