JAMF Software Announces 41 Percent Growth in Education Market Customers

Over the past year, more than 750 new education organizations have joined JAMF Nation, boosting JAMF Software's total education customer count to more than 2,600.

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN) - JAMF Software, the leader in device management solutions, today announced that more than 750 new education institutions have turned to Casper Suite and Casper Focus to unleash the power of Apple technologies in the classroom over the past year. With these tools, a generation of students around the world is engaging and learning in a new, digital classroom.

Historically, schools have been constrained by limited IT resources. With Casper Suite, JAMF Software provides schools with a simple, scalable solution for IT administrators to easily manage all Apple computers and devices in the classroom. JAMF Software's latest release of Casper Suite embraces Apple's new Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Device Enrollment Program (DEP), giving schools and teachers the industry's easiest and most efficient way to set up and deploy iPad and Mac, as well as save money on applications.

"JAMF Software's Casper Suite supports everything we've wanted to do as a district, which is noteworthy given the limited size of our IT staff," said John Wetter, technical services manager at Hopkins Public Schools. "We rely on Casper Suite for our critical project of delivering iPad to the classroom and the results have been incredible. With Casper Suite, we've seen a true transformation in learning – teachers customize lessons based on feedback in ‘flipped' classrooms, and students take advantage of a powerful, interactive device supporting their imagination and desire to explore."

JAMF Software's Casper Focus enables teachers to perform classroom management tasks from an iPad by guiding students through apps and webpages, or temporarily restricting students to a single app in order to keep them on task. With this solution, teachers better manage learning environments, while ensuring students enjoy the rich and intuitive end-user experience of Apple.

"Casper Suite has allowed us to do exactly what we wanted, and the benefits of the one-to-one iPad experience have been incredible. Students easily consume and create their own content, while teachers push out materials and lessons directly to their classrooms," said Dan Pickens, head of instructional technology at Farmington Area Public Schools. "With Casper Suite, we've embarked on every big idea we've had with our iPad implementation, and would strongly recommend it as the go-to solution to any other organization embarking on a similar project."

"Supporting education, and the pursuit and application of knowledge has always been important to us," said Jason Wudi, JAMF Software CTO. "We're excited to see how classrooms use Apple technologies to drive innovative learning. It's an honor to see our work and passion enable new ways of teaching with Apple devices, so that instructors can focus on the student experience, rather than being caught up in managing the technology."

About JAMF Software

Since 2002, JAMF Software—and our Casper Suite solution—has made it easy for businesses, schools, and other enterprises to use and manage Apple devices in their organizations. With the Casper Suite, IT departments have the industry’s single best tool to inventory, image, configure, secure and distribute software and apps on every Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV under their control. Users work with products they prefer and that make them more productive. IT administrators get their weekends back.

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