JAMF Software Announces Relo™ — It’s Easier Than Ever To Switch To the Apple Platform

Easily Copy Data, including Contacts, Photos and Videos from Android to New iPhones and iPads

JAMF NATION “ICE-OUT,” MINNEAPOLIS – April 22, 2015 – JAMF Software, the leader in Apple device management, today announced Relo, a free app that makes it easy to safely move important data from an Android phone or tablet to a new iPhone or iPad – enabling people to switch to the platform that more and more users prefer.

As the switch to the Apple platform continues amongst users both at home and at work, there is a desire to quickly and simply copy data from non-iOS devices to iPhone and iPad. Until now, this had to been done manually, which can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Plus, users faced the risk of losing important and personal data, such as photos, videos, and contacts, or were sometimes forced to leave this information behind on their old device. Finding and replacing their favorite apps was equally time consuming and frustrating.

Introducing Relo
Relo is a free and easy-to-use app that addresses this pain point by allowing people to easily transfer data from an Android device to a new iPhone or iPad, while automatically displaying existing apps. With Relo, now everyone and anyone can:

  • Bring Important Data With You
    Relo wirelessly copies all contacts, photos and videos from an Android to a new iOS device. Just download the app on both devices, scan a QR code and you’re done!
  • See iOS Versions of Your Apps
    If you have an Android app that is also available in the AppStore, Relo will display the iPhone or iPad version for you to download.
  • Ensure Privacy of Your Data
    Relo doesn’t upload any data to the cloud or anywhere else, ensuring that private information stays private for users and organizations alike.

Relo makes it easy to switch to the device and platform that data shows more people prefer — without forcing them to leave personal data behind on old devices. In conjunction with Apple’s Reuse and Recycle Program, Relo makes the transition to Apple simple, satisfying and secure.

Since 2002, JAMF Software has been helping users take advantage of the one-of-a-kind Apple ecosystem. JAMF is committed to enabling full use of the Apple platform for consumers, small businesses or large organizations, via behind-the-scenes management software like the Casper Suite, Bushel, and now Relo, plus the 20,000+ member JAMF Nation community. Today, more than 4,500 global customers rely on JAMF to manage more than four million Apple devices.

Relo is available for download on the AppStore and Google Play!. For more information, visit: http://www.bushel.com/relo

Supporting Quote
"At JAMF, we go to work everyday to make it easier for users to work and play with the devices they prefer. More and more, those devices are iPhone, iPad and Mac — especially in businesses and schools. With solutions like our Casper Suite, Bushel and now Relo, we’re removing barriers for people to switch to Apple, so users—and IT departments—can smile and know their lives just got a whole lot better.”

- Jason Wudi, CTO, JAMF Software

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About JAMF Software
Since 2002, JAMF Software—and our Casper Suite solution—has made it easy for businesses, schools and other enterprises to unleash the power of Apple devices in their organizations.

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