JAMF Software Announces Support in the Casper Suite for Apple’s iOS 6 Operating System

Enterprise organizations will be able to deploy and manage iOS 6 immediately, ensuring that devices are secured properly and that end users have convenient access to the organizations’ resources. ​

MINNEAPOLIS – September 19, 2012 – JAMF Software, developers of the Casper Suite, a collection of device management applications for the Apple platform including devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac computers, has announced immediate management capabilities and support for iOS 6.

As millions of users are anticipated to download iOS 6 within days, IT administrators will require a comprehensive and proven solution to ensure that devices are properly managed and configured for secure usage. The Casper Suite supports iOS 6 from the day it is released, ensuring that enterprise customers are immediately able to support devices running the newest version of Apple’s iOS operating system.

Immediate compatibility with iOS 6

The Casper Suite is immediately compatible with the latest version of iOS, and will manage all Apple devices running iOS 6, including the latest iPhone. Apple has introduced many new capabilities in this version of iOS that are in high demand in large organizations, and all new devices will soon begin shipping with this latest operating system. The availability of the Casper Suite on the day iOS 6 is released will ensure that administrators are prepared to support these devices immediately.

“We hear from organizations every day that they are seeing an influx of hundreds or thousands of new iOS devices, whether through large one-to-one programs or employee choice programs,” said Chip Pearson, Managing Partner at JAMF Software, developers of the Casper Suite. “JAMF Software has a strong commitment to providing the most timely and comprehensive support for the entire Apple ecosystem, and we strive to ensure that our software is compatible with Apple’s latest operating system within days. With iOS 6, we are pleased to once again support Apple’s latest operating system on its first day of release.”

Available immediately

Support for iOS 6 is available immediately in the Casper Suite for all customers with current support and license agreements. Prospective customers interested in purchasing the Casper Suite may also contact JAMF Software or attend a live, regularly scheduled weekly demo on Monday or Tuesday afternoon to learn more.

For additional information about iOS and OS X device management using the Casper Suite, please visit the JAMF Software website:


About JAMF Software

JAMF Software, founded in 2002 and headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, is the creator of the Casper Suite, the only suite of Mac OS X and iOS management software developed exclusively for the Apple platform. As the best-of-breed management solution, the Casper Suite provides the most comprehensive breadth and depth of functionality for IT administrators including settings management, software distribution, imaging, inventory, package building, image management, remote updates, mobile device management, and a powerful framework for automated support.