JAMF Software’s Sixth Annual User Conference Draws a Record of More Than 1,200 Attendees

MINNEAPOLIS – Oct. 26, 2015 – JAMF Software, the leader in Apple device management, concluded its largest and most successful annual JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC) to date, with more than 1,200 JAMF Nation community members from 20 countries in attendance.

JNUC continues to be the world’s largest conference dedicated to Apple device management. A deeply engaged Apple IT community gathered in Minneapolis to share best practices and learn more about emerging trends in the management of Apple technology.

Leading Organizations Take the Stage
A full house gathered for a keynote by IBM discussing the success of its Mac@IBM program. IBM is seeing rapid adoption of the Apple platform due to employee preference, with currently 130,000 iOS and Mac devices at use within the organization.

IBM’s session revealed that just five percent of Mac users call its internal help desk for assistance, compared to 40 percent of PC users – providing significant cost and time savings with the move to Apple. The company is using JAMF Software’s flagship Casper Suite software to successfully deploy its Mac@IBM user-choice program. The experience IBM has gained through the Mac@IBM program has been beneficial to their new MobileFirst Managed Mobility Services for OS X offering, which is designed to help large enterprises incorporate Macs within their IT infrastructures.

Additional speakers at this year’s JNUC included leading enterprise and education organizations such as Adobe, Tumblr and the London School of Economics. A total of more than 30 sessions, workshops and panel discussions were delivered along with several Mini Events over the course of the three-day event.

JAMF Nation Dean’s List Winners Announced
JAMF also announced its third annual “JAMF Nation Dean’s List,” which acknowledges the top contributions made to the JAMF Nation community. The Dean’s List is comprised of the three most active JAMF Nation members, based on their number of posts and questions answered over the year. This year’s Dean’s List includes:

  • Ben Toms, who posted 1,018 times and answered 27 questions in 2015
  • David Acland, who posted 1,077 times and answered 71 questions in 2015
  • Mike Morales who posted 1,371 times and answered 115 questions in 2015

JAMF Nation Community Stronger than Ever
As the global JAMF Nation Community nears its fourth birthday this November, it has grown to more than 26,000 members. During the JNUC, over 30 separate networking Mini Events were self-organized by members of the community to share ideas and build relationships.

Comment on the News
“Since our first JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC) in 2011, the JNUC has grown to a truly global must-attend event for everyone and anyone who manages Apple devices,” said Dean Hager, CEO of JAMF Software. “The reason why Apple adoption is growing in enterprise, education and government organizations alike is because given the opportunity, more people choose Apple as their platform of choice. By providing IT with the tools they need to efficiently manage Apple devices and empower their end-users, JAMF continues our commitment to help organizations like IBM succeed with the Apple platform.”

About JAMF Software
Since 2002, JAMF Software—and our Casper Suite solution—has made it easy for businesses, schools and other enterprises to use and manage Apple devices in their organizations.

Find out why more than 5,500 businesses and schools rely on JAMF Software to manage nearly 5,000,000 devices across the globe at https://www.jamf.com/.