Casper Suite Release Notes, Version 9.4

The Casper Suite v9.4 includes the following key features:

  • Self Service Mobile—Self Service Mobile for iOS allows you to distribute configuration profiles, apps, and eBooks to mobile devices for users to install. You can use the JSS to group configuration profiles, apps, and eBooks in categories, which makes those items easier to locate in Self Service Mobile. In addition, you can send notifications to mobile devices with Self Service Mobile installed. Self Service Mobile is available for free from the App Store.
  • Self Service enhancements for OS X—OS X configuration profiles, eBooks from the iBookstore, in-house eBooks, and Mac App Store apps can now be made available for users to install from Self Service. In addition, notifications about new items added to Self Service can be enabled to appear in Self Service and in Notification Center in OS X.
  • Personal Device Management—Users can now enroll personally owned iOS and Android devices with‚ the JSS via user-initiated enrollment. This allows users to securely access institutional email, contacts, calendar, Wi-Fi, and VPN connections. In addition, managed apps can be distributed to personal iOS devices. You can also enforce device encryption and passcode settings on personal devices, and send remote commands to lock a device or wipe institutional data and settings from a device.
  • Support for network integration with Cisco ISE—The JSS can be integrated with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to allow Cisco ISE to communicate with the JSS. This integration allows Cisco ISE to refer end users to enroll with the JSS, verify compliance of computers and mobile devices to your organization’s standards using advanced searches in the JSS, and to send remote commands via the JSS.
  • VPP invitations available in Self Service—Users can now accept all of their VPP invitations in Self Service at any time. Users are prompted to accept pending VPP invitations if they attempt to install an app or eBook that is assigned to them in a VPP assignment, ensuring that each user will register with VPP before they can receive the apps and eBooks that are assigned to them.
  • User-Initiated Enrollment enhancements—You can customize each step of the user-initiated enrollment experience for computers and mobile devices, including the language that the enrollment steps are displayed in. In addition, you can specify the sites you want to make available to LDAP user groups during enrollment.
  • Improved enrollment capabilities—Administrators can assign users to a computer or mobile device, and add the computer or mobile device to a site during enrollment. 

See what's new in version 9.4 of the Casper Suite including, Self Service Mobile, Personal Device Management, support for network integration with Cisco ISE, and more.