Casper Suite Release Notes, Version 9.5


The Casper Suite v9.5 includes the following key features:

  • Support for iOS 8—Mobile devices with iOS 8 can be enrolled and managed with the Casper Suite.
  • iOS configuration profile enhancements—The Domains payload has been added, and several new settings are included in the Restrictions payload.
  • eBooks enhancements—In-house eBooks can be managed with the Casper Suite and installed automatically on institutionally owned mobile devices with iOS 8.
  • iBeacon regions—The JSS allows you to utilize Apple’s iBeacon technology to monitor when computers and mobile devices enter or exit an iBeacon region. This allows you to ensure that configuration profiles and policies are only installed on a device when the device is in the specified region.
  • Personal device profile enhancements—The Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Subscribed Calendars payloads have been added to personal device profiles. These payloads are available for personally owned iOS devices only.
  • App Distribution to Mobile Devices with App Store restrictions—You can now distribute apps to mobile devices with iOS 7 or later even when the App Store is restricted on the devices. For information on implementing this functionality after upgrading to the JSS v9.5, see the After You Upgrade section. 

Learn about new features in Casper Suite 9.5 such as, support for iOS 8, iBeacons regions, eBooks enhancements and more.