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Security, Privacy and Productivity: An EdTech Balancing Act

Today’s K-12 technology departments have the crucial responsibility of maintaining operations and providing the conditions for success of students and teachers. Working cohesively with their instructional counterparts, school IT leaders can be successful at securing data and hardware, ensuring the privacy of a user’s personal information, and delivering the appropriate educational resources to support learning. While mitigating security and privacy concerns, and promoting student exploration may seem like a daunting task, we can help you do just that.

In our webinar, Security, Privacy and Productivity: An EdTech Balancing Act, you’ll learn how pairing device management with Apple technologies is the best way to protect institutional, staff and students’ data, while still providing a conducive environment for transformational learning.

We’ll explore ways to:

  • Ensure data integrity and enforce device encryption
  • Leverage Apple technology to protect student privacy
  • Empower educators and students with better learning tools

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