Applying IBM Deployment Strategies to K-12 Education

Taking a cue from IBM, hear how Hopkins Public Schools automated their device deployment workflows to provide the best technology experience for their students and staff.

Technology departments play a key role in K-12 education, offering world-class support to staff and relevant, culturally responsive lessons to students anytime, anywhere — all while on a shoestring budget.

With 7,000 students and 47 languages spoken in the district, it’s a constant battle for Hopkins Public Schools to support their staff while ensuring the learning needs of each student are met. But, by taking a cue from IBM and reimagining how they define success, rethinking their hiring and training processes and automating their device deployment workflows, they’re able to meet students where they’re at and successfully deploy 93 percent of their iPads across the district by the third day of school.

In this webinar, John Wetter, technical services manager at Hopkins Public Schools, explores the tools, guidance and decision-making process they used to make this happen.

You’ll learn how to follow in Hopkins Public Schools’ footsteps and:

  • Streamline staff hiring and training
  • Leverage automation to save time on deployment
  • Implement new user satisfaction measurements

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