Reinventing IT: Cutting Through Complexity with Automation

Automate time-consuming tasks and free up IT resources.

Wouldn't it be great to automate workflows in your environment, and skip manual IT tasks in the process? The value of IT comes largely from software that can be deployed quickly and scaled efficiently, particularly in times of disruption. IT tools and solutions can pile up and get complicated in any industry, limiting IT's ability to deliver cohesive services for their evolving environments.

In our webinar, Reinventing IT: Cutting Through Complexity with Automation, discover unique requirements, and how focused integrations solve real-world problems, and how Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center delivers new patient and clinical experiences on iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices.

Join us to learn:

  • IT concerns unique to healthcare and other industries
  • How manual IT tasks can be automated
  • Intro to open source integration frameworks like JAWA
  • How automation solves key user and IT problems at scale