How to Secure and Streamline Clinical Communications

Tune in and take a monumental step in delivering a better healthcare experience for all.

Empowering clinical staff with mobile technology continues to be a priority in healthcare. Hospitals and medical centers need ways to improve care team communication and clinical workflow to drive better outcomes for patients. But how can this be done without adding another device to the nursing tool belt?

Using iPhone as a multi-purpose device allows care teams to efficiently communicate with patients and their peers. They can also perform a range of duties like medication administration, monitor alerts and alarms, place secure calls messages, and much more. Best-of-breed iOS apps like PatientTouch unify these capabilities into a single, initiative app.

Join Jamf and PatientSafe to see how iPhone unifies workflow and communication, providing your care team with the right information and clinical context at the right time.

We’ll cover:

  • Brief overview of Apple in healthcare
  • How Jamf Pro can:
    • Automate the iPhone setup process for care teams
    • Deploy and manage iOS apps that streamline communication and workflow
    • Manage 1-to-1 or shared-use deployment models
  • How PatientSafe is saving nurses up to 60 minutes of time per shift

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