Jamf Breakfast Club: Choosing the right tech tools for the modern classroom

More and more schools are transitioning to a modern classroom by deploying technology to students. The use of iPads promotes collaboration, supports creativity and boosts individual learning. But what happens next, and what tools are needed to effectively manage this transition?

In the February EMEIA Jamf Breakfast Club, our host Mat Pullen, Product Marketing Manager, Education was joined by Sari Lantoo, Headteacher, Ylitornion Yhteiskoulun Lukio School in Finland and Rachel Smith, Learning Specialist, from Showbie. They shared their experience working together to create a strong, modern classroom through a tech solution.

Watch this on-demand session which:

  • Gives educators the flexibility to personalise teaching and learning practices
  • Takes the complexity out of managing multiple devices and accounts, simplifying IT workflows
  • Delivers the best learning experience and helps students succeed