macOS Security Benchmarks: Enforcing CIS, STIG and More to Meet Auditor Standards

See how you can enforce security standards to meet common benchmarks and protect your endpoints.

When organizations can confidently enforce standardized security requirements and protocols across all endpoints — no matter where they’re located — the risk of a breach or vulnerability drastically diminishes. That’s exactly why security benchmarks and audits exist, but how do you effectively prepare for them?

In our webinar, macOS Security Benchmarks: Enforcing CIS, STIG, and more to Meet Auditor Standards, we’ll help you assess your organization’s current data, systems and overall security standing, and guide you through implementation of security measures to meet common security benchmarks.

You’ll learn:

  • Best practices for implementing security benchmarks across your Mac fleet
  • Workflows to update changing security standards en masse
  • How to protect your organization’s data with a remote workforce
  • What can and cannot be done with macOS configuration profiles

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