Managing Risk in the Modern Workplace

Learn how to secure company devices, users and resources to protect against mac-specific cyber threats.

Protecting against cybersecurity threats in the modern workplace is an ongoing struggle for IT teams. The introduction of employee choice, BYOD and mobility programs has broadened the scope of devices that IT must manage and protect in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Hybrid work has led to more devices operating outside the protected company perimeter.

In our webinar, Managing Risk in the Modern Workplace, we’ll discuss the need for holistic endpoint security, from baseline device security through advanced threat prevention, and the tools and resources you need for success.

Join us for a discussion of:

  • Why it’s important to go beyond built-in macOS security
  • How to defend against cyber threats to modern users
  • Combining Apple’s privacy focus with Jamf’s security expertise to maintain a great end user experience