Misconceptions of macOS Security

Don't let common misconceptions get in the way of your macOS security.

The landscape of macOS security has changed a great deal from the days of the popular “I’m a Mac” commercials. A time without malware or hackers targeting the platform heavily. It’s no secret that Apple’s popularity has skyrocketed, fueling the adoption of their products in the enterprise. Coupled with the explosive growth of remote/hybrid work initiatives and you can’t help but be forced to take a hard, realistic look at your security practices. Specifically asking yourselves, what has changed and what truths are no longer evident?

It is no longer enough to make things available and convenient — we must also keep our end-users protected against a never-ending barrage of security threats, such as phishing attacks, malware and unmanaged changes, like shadow IT.

In our webinar, Misconceptions of macOS Security, we’ll cover common misconceptions, explain why they’re no longer relevant and discuss the various tools, methods and processes available to address (and correct) these pain points moving forward.

We'll discuss:

  • An overview of macOS misconceptions
  • The current state of macOS security
  • Modern tools and resources to help you better manage your Macs
  • Software to secure endpoints, users and data