Simplifying Digital Signage with Apple TV

Get more out of your Apple TV using Jamf and Carousel Digital Signage. Together Jamf and Carousel provide a manageable and scalable way to maximize your digital signage investment with tvOS devices.

Using Apple TV for your digital signage doesn’t have to be complicated. With Jamf and Carousel, deploying, managing and displaying your content is simple, easy and cost-effective.

In our webinar, Simplifying Digital Signage with Apple TV, we’ll cover the basics of managing and deploying your Apple TV devices and help you go beyond management to deliver transformative communication flows across all your displays.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to use an Apple TV for digital signage
  • Displaying content in an easy and scalable way
  • Examples of how companies are using Apple TV
  • A customer success story showing how it works in the real world

Have questions about our webinar? Reach out to us at or give us a call today.