Top 5 Reasons to Choose Apple TV for Digital Signage

Make the most of your organization’s digital screen space by communicating dynamic messages with Apple TV-based digital signage, Carousel and Jamf.

We see screens communicating messages all around us – from hotel lobbies to meeting rooms, hallways and classrooms. At its best, digital signage is a dynamic tool to reach employees, customers and students with the right message, at the right time, in the right place.

While traditional signage networks are expensive, difficult to manage and vulnerable to attack, there is a better solution: Apple TV-powered displays paired with Carousel Digital Signage, integrated with Jamf.

In our webinar, we team up with experts from Carousel to discuss:

  1. How global supply issues encourage investment in Apple TV
  2. Simplifying setup and deployment while scaling up with Jamf
  3. Building and sharing current, relevant content with Carousel
  4. Making the most of Airplay: how to do more with less hardware
  5. Integrating and automating emergency notifications and alerts