Total Cost of Ownership: iPad Versus Chromebook

Learn the ins and outs of iPad deployment costs, benefits and what it takes to implement (and save with) Apple technology in your school.

Think Chromebooks are cheaper to deploy in K-12 than iPads? Dave Eisenmann, Director of Instructional Technology at Minnetonka Public Schools, wants to put that notion to rest.

Commonly pitched as a low-cost alternative to iPad, Dave discovered that Chromebook’s lack of longevity and essential education tools makes them more expensive than iPad in the long run.

In our webinar, Total Cost of Ownership: iPad Versus Chromebook, Dave will walk you through Minnetonka’s cost comparison model and explain why his school district chooses (and saves) with iPad.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Cut costs with an iPad deployment
  • Extend the lifespan of your iPads
  • Leverage iPad in any classroom setting
  • Better enable your students and staff with iPad

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