VPP+DEP: Leveraging Apple’s IT Deployment Programs

Discover how VPP and DEP are the best ways to take immediate advantage of the Apple ecosystem.

Apple's Deployment Programs are a great way for IT admins to simplify common workflows and take full advantage of the Apple ecosystem. The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) helps get new devices configured quickly. While the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is the easiest way to buy and deploy apps from the App Store.

In our webinar, VPP+DEP: Leveraging Apple's IT Deployment Programs, we'll show you how to put these programs to work in your organization. We'll cover:

  • Using DEP for zero-touch deployment of Mac, iPad, and iPhone
  • The latest updates to VPP, including new options for device-based VPP assignment
  • Integrating DEP and VPP with Casper Suite for ongoing device management

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