Streamline clinical communications on iPhone.

Consolidate nursing tools, technologies and workflow with iOS apps and solutions.

Update your strategy to the mobile era of healthcare.

Today’s healthcare workforce is increasingly mobile with more doctors, nurses and care providers using mobile devices to stay connected with each other and their patients. However, as more technology is introduced, hospitals must evolve their (all too often) fragmented workflows to find new and improved ways of streamlining communication and care coordination.

Using iPhone as a multi-purpose device allows care teams to efficiently communicate with patients and the rest of the care team. They can also perform a range of duties like medication administration, monitor alerts and alarms, and more.

How it works:

  • Nurses and cares teams are provided with iPhone as their primary device
  • IT leverages Jamf Pro to deploy iOS apps that streamline clinical communication and workflow
  • Jamf Pro + Apple Business Manager make over-the-air 1:1 deployments a breeze
  • Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset can streamline shared device deployments if desired

Enhance the ability to deliver efficient, high-quality care through the secure iOS platform and Jamf Pro.

iPhone can be deployed at scale with the right security settings that healthcare organizations need to protect PHI and maintain HIPAA compliance. With a wealth of Apple-based solutions for clinical care and coordination, Jamf Pro can wirelessly deploy apps with pre-configured settings with Managed App Configuration — Apple’s native framework for app configuration and security. This allows healthcare IT to leverage Jamf Pro’s over-the-air deployment workflows with Apple's deployment programs, yet maintain a streamlined end-user experience without manual configuration on the device itself.

Apps for Clinical Workflow

Customers can deploy native iOS apps from their EMR (electronic medical record), providing easy access to the patient chart while on the go. Apps like Epic Rover, Haiku, or Canto make it easy for nurses and provider perform duties like mobile medication administration or access test results. Many other EMR systems have iOS apps that can be deployed and managed via MDM, including Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech, and others.

Apps for Secure Communication

EMR applications are just the beginning, and a rich ecosystem of "clinical communications and collaboration" specific developers have emerged of the the years. One example Jamf Solution Partner in this space is PatientSafe, a best in breed app that unifies clinical workflow and communication into a one iOS app on one device. Discover how their app PatientTouch is saving nurses up to 60 minutes of time per shift.

Meet Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset.

iPad and iPhone re-provisioning workflows just got easier.

Jamf Setup

Jamf Setup is a flexible app that integrates with Jamf Pro to allow for immediate, purpose-driven device provisioning and re-provisioning. It might be the only app on the device until a selection is made, or it could be part of a dynamic shared-device strategy. Jamf Setup is just as flexible as Jamf Pro and distills the power of the platform down to an intuitive app for IT and end-users.

Here's what's possible with Jamf Setup:

  • Initial device provisioning: End users or IT departments can leverage Jamf Setup to create an app-based setup workflow
  • Shared-use device: Jamf Setup creates an intuitive way for end users to change the device's apps and settings – no IT involvement required
  • Streamline the experience: A one-size-fits-all device leaves distractions and unnecessary apps on the device. An overly restrictive device doesn’t allow flexibility to get work done. Provide the perfect mix of apps for a tailored experience with pre-built, role-specific configurations
  • Customize the device per role: Brand the device for the specific use case by automating device background, lock screen messaging and home screen layout

Jamf Reset

Jamf Reset is an app designed for IT to empower end-users to securely wipe a device and prepare it for the next user with confidence. Jamf Pro has simplified shared-use for iOS and iPadOS with Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset. While they can be used separately, Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset are best when paired together to provide end-to-end configuration management that’s easy and quick for end users and effortless for IT.

Here's what's possible with Jamf Reset:

  • Simplified experience for end-users: Jamf Reset puts a button to perform a device wipe right on the home screen; much easier than navigating the settings menu. Paired with other configuration profiles or backgrounds, this option can be made prominent and obvious
  • Increase shared-device confidence: Users will feel more comfortable seeing their private information disappear from a public or shared device. Organization-specific messaging and branding can be applied to inform users of next steps that might take place outside the device
  • Auditable and MDM driven: Every wipe is tracked so IT knows if or when a device was digitally sanitized. This MDM action is known by Jamf Pro, which puts the device in the ideal state to be redeployed

Single Login simplifies and amplifies the power of Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset

Single Login workflow

Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset support a new Single Login workflow that simplifies and secures frontline shared-device deployments for clinical communications and workflow. New with this release, a user's cloud-identity credentials can be used to instantly provision/de-provision an iOS or iPadOS device for their individual needs — wirelessly and without IT interaction.

Here's what's possible:

  • Provision, assign and secure iOS devices: Jamf Setup can provision an iOS device based on a user's identity and role within Azure Active Directory.
  • Streamline the end-user experience: Users can log in once to the device and be automatically signed in to apps and programs without re-entering their username and password.
  • Efficiently protect devices and data: At break or end of shift, the user can simply log out and their account information and footprint on the device is removed.

Watch how it works:

Read our solution brief to learn more about the Single Login workflow.

Jamf's partners for clinical communications.

Third-party apps that transform nursing experience like never before.

With Jamf and PatientTouch by PatientSafe, secure messaging, voice, alerts and nurse calls with EMR data and clinical workflows are consolidated in one mobile app on one device. The PatientTouch integration enables safe, accurate communication by delivering real-time clinical data about the right patient to the right care team member in every secure message.

When communication and clinical workflows are unified, the care experience is transformed, enabling care teams to deliver better results. From rounding to specimen collection to care interventions and more, PatientTouch streamlines clinical workflow to improve productivity and clinical performance.

View this integration in the Jamf Marketplace

See iPhone and iOS for Clinical Communications in action.

Learn how your healthcare organization can empower providers and clinicians with iOS and iPadOS.

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  • Simplify and Secure iPhone and iPad deployments at scale
  • Deploy clinical workflow and communication apps with pre-configured settings
  • Leverage Jamf's shared device management solutions like Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset

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