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Apple in higher education – turn up the impact of technology.

Amplify the power of Macs, iPads, iPhones and Apple TVs.

Majoring in Apple device management? We’ve got a program for you.

As a higher education institution, you and your colleagues are striving to foster creative learning, self development and build on the needs of society.

But, with various colleges and departments and a highly mobile workforce, you need to balance disparate needs and varying expectations.

And, with large quantities of student and faculty information on hand and priceless research data, your institution is vulnerable to breaches in the same fashion and with the same magnitude as large corporations.

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of the top 11 ranked U.S. universities use Jamf for MDM.
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Higher Education Mac Labs Reimagined

With Mac labs being a major presence on university campuses, many IT admins rely on imaging to ensure computers do not fall prey to viruses and costly data breaches, and to provide students with the education resources they need to be successful. The problem is imaging machines is a tedious and manual process, requiring lots of IT time.

Discover a better, automated way that leverages Apple deployment programs, makes apps and resources readily available for students and ensures students only have access to the resources relevant to them by binding machines to your school’s directory services system.

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Set a new standard with Apple in higher education.

Whether you're supporting a department, a college, a full university system or even a 1-to-1 iPad program, you need the right ideas, people and technology – in that order. With Jamf Pro as your higher education solution, you can efficiently and effectively address your endless inventory, security and varying department needs while empowering faculty and staff to focus on their mission of research and teaching.

Zero-touch deployment

Streamline device deployment with Jamf Pro and Apple School Manager. Simply order new devices and ship them directly to your end users. Jamf Pro will automatically enroll and configure the devices during setup – saving valuable time and resources.

Globally available infrastructure

Manage devices on campus, off campus and around the world with cloud-based device management. Jamf radically simplifies the most frequent and time-consuming device management tasks, such as content distribution and patching, with Jamf’s hosted solution.

Automate management

Create extensible deployment workflows with configuration profiles, policies and custom scripts. Implement them using smart targeting to manage personal devices, shared devices, computer labs or anything in between.

Native Apple security

Leverage Apple's native security tools to ensure you have the security controls you need and users get the user experience they demand. Enforce encryption and easily integrate with third-party tools to build a complete security ecosystem.

User empowerment

From a user-enabled setup and enrollment process, to automated application patching and a personalized app catalog, empower faculty with pre-configured content and apps – without a call or ticket to IT.

Hands-on training

Learn from real-world experience and hands-on teaching to ensure you spend less time figuring out how to accomplish a management task and more time actually doing it.

Help faculty and students do more with Apple.

Take a peek under the hood and see how Jamf Pro helps you deliver a better Apple experience.

Watch a short demo video about Jamf Pro to see an array of management features in action.