StateRAMP Services Risk Summary

Optional Internal Services

Jamf is committed to providing transparency about how and where we transmit, process, or store government data that could affect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our cloud service offering. A key component of this transparency is the authorization boundary. The authorization boundaries define all the components that are included in our information systems that have attained a StateRAMP status.

Occasionally, there may be optional internal services that customers want to use that are not included in our authorization boundary. It is our responsibility to communicate that these services are outside of the boundary and help you understand our security posture and strength around them.

We’ve identified some of these internal services in the below .pdf and provided details to ensure you have the information needed to make a risk acceptance decision. As a reminder, these are optional services that are not required to be used as part of our StateRAMP offering.

Requests for additional information about these services can be made on our Security Status Page.

View internal services not included in our authorization boundary. >>