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Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) by Jamf.

Safely connect workers to the resources they need to be productive.
A MacBook and Mac computer are connected to the cloud.

Manage risk, not infrastructure.

The benefits of using Jamf ZTNA.
  • Real-time assessment of risk data that evaluates device health and ensures compromised endpoints are not accessing sensitive information
  • Cloud-based infrastructure integration without complex hardware or software to manage or expensive support contracts
  • Intelligent split-tunneling technology that preserves privacy while ensuring business connections are secure
  • Seamless reconnections after disruptions while maximizing battery and performance
ZTNA from Jamf safely connects devices to corporate data.

Can ZTNA replace VPN?

Better security than legacy VPN without the drawbacks.

VPN provides users direct access to networks. ZTNA allows only specific apps and services to connect — and only to verified users.

Context-aware access policies allow you to control user access to organizational resources and networks based on their context, such as whether a device complies with IT policy, whether the connection is encrypted and if the user's ID is confirmed.

Using Jamf's context-aware access for compliance delivers:

  • Policies that allow or deny access based on requirement attestation
  • Granular configuration or requirements for authorizing enrolled devices
  • Always-on, low-latency secure connections enforce end-user privacy
  • Uniform policy enforcement across data centers, clouds and SaaS apps