Jamf Protect — endpoint protection for Mac and mobile.

Endpoint security, threat defense and content filtering.

Solve the unique challenge of securing Apple at work.

Comprehensive endpoint security and mobile threat defense.
  • Endpoint security — Identify risky apps and automatically quarantine malware to keep endpoints secure.
  • Vulnerability Management – Built-in CVE reporting shows which Apple devices are running an operating system version with a known vulnerability.
  • Threat prevention and remediation — MI:RIAM —Jamf’s machine learning engine — prevents threats to users and devices, such as: malicious domains, novel phishing attacks and cryptojacking.
  • Compliance and visibility — Customize benchmark reporting, log rich telemetry data and audit against leading industry resources like the Center for Internet Security (CIS).
  • Rich endpoint telemetry — Integrations with SIEM and SOAR solutions to send insights to power investigation and response capabilities.

The best solution to secure your organization.

Expanded capabilities make Jamf Protect the best fit for organizations of all sizes.

Put the power of behavioral analysis to work.