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Prevent cyber attacks, maintain compliance and respond to active threats.

The mobile experience often makes it more difficult for users to spot suspicious attacks, so additional protections are critical to keeping users and work information safe. Jamf Protect is a mobile threat defense solution that secures all mobile devices used at work, whether personally or company-owned, to ensure that work resources remain safe.

  • Mobile endpoint security: Ongoing monitoring for various endpoint security checkpoints.
  • Phishing protection: Advanced machine learning to block known and novel phishing attacks, crypto jacking and risky or malicious domains in real time before devices are impacted.
  • Public Wi-Fi security: Prevent attackers from intercepting internet traffic that can put sensitive company information at risk.
  • Network Threat Stream: Gain a new level of visibility by streaming a variety of security data to Jamf or directly to your SIEM.
  • Data capping and reporting: Manage cellular data consumption on mobile devices.
  • Jailbreak detection: Advanced scanning to determine if a mobile device has been rooted or modified.
  • OS vulnerability reporting: Easily report on operating system vulnerabilities detected.
  • Application risk monitoring: Monitor for side-loaded apps, suspicious developer profiles, malicious code patterns, risky dynamic behavior and dangerous permissions.
Secured MacBook and Mac

Looking for the best solution to secure your Mac and mobile devices?

Jamf Protect is backed by Jamf Threat Labs.

Jamf Threat Labs is comprised of experienced threat researchers, cybersecurity experts and data scientists, with skills that span penetration testing, network monitoring, malware research and app risk assessment primarily focused on Apple and mobile ecosystems.

Our team’s job is to continually hunt for vulnerabilities, threats and data exposures — we have uncovered a number of high-profile and novel security events including thousands of previously unknown and undiscovered threats — by leveraging MI:RIAM, our machine intelligence engine, primarily to build up the security capabilities of Jamf products.

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