For those who never sit behind a desk.

Manage, secure and simplify purpose-built work tools with Jamf.

Maximize business outcomes

Industries such as healthcare, retail, transportation, hard hats and manufacturing often have employees that are mobile by necessity, whose work involves task-based workflows. Businesses that want to reduce administrative overhead for these deskless, mobile workforces need purpose-built tools that move with them throughout the day —and sometimes change hands multiple times— while remaining secure.

"80% or 2.7 billion employees do not sit behind a desk." source

Implementing technologies that reduce IT tooling complexity, automate redundant processes and simplify workflows creates a more productive workforce – from IT and operations teams to end users.

These requirements can feel daunting with so many moving pieces, but Jamf makes short work of it. Employers can offer workers using iPhone and iPad in mobile-first, task-based roles simple, secure and customized experiences with Jamf.

Empower employees with ready-to-use solutions

Optimize task-based workflows
From single-app mode to multiple, customized roles and a bevy of applications on shared devices, devices need to be semi-restricted and optimized for task efficiency, plus provisioned with IT tools to assist workers with their immediate needs. By utilizing Jamf technologies, organizations of any size can establish, implement and scale deployments fit to their specific use case.

Meet regulatory compliance and security standards
Mobile devices that capture data in the course of business must be restricted to authorized users on encrypted connections. This protects customer and organizational data and helps organizations stay in compliance with established security requirements. Assisting lines of business leaders and employees in meeting regulatory compliance and security standards, helps keep data, devices and organizations safe.

Reduce frontline complexity
While some employees use an iPad or iPhone as a secondary device, others will receive a mobile device as their only platform for work.

Many times, the needs of these workers are different than those traditionally at a desk – interfacing with customers and partners in immersive settings. The devices must be optimized to connect to productivity tools, right "out of the box".

Jamf Marketplace
Integrate with and extend the Jamf platform based on your specific industry, organization, or end user use cases. The Jamf Marketplace is home to hundreds of partners that can help extend the power of Jamf.

Industry and technical experts
Jamf’s dedicated industry and technical teams work with your organization to provide wide-ranging expertise and resources to help your organization find the solution that best fits your needs.

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Enable mobile innovation

When organizations manage and secure Apple devices from the same technology stack – regardless of form factor, use-case or work setting – organizations can achieve greater operational efficiency.

From device management, to endpoint protection, to integrations and more, Jamf can help manage, secure, and simplify your purpose-built work tools. Reach out to your Jamf representative to learn more, or request a free trial.