Security Considerations for Apple in the Enterprise

You may not be an Apple security expert now... But you will be soon.

The word is out. Apple has officially arrived in the enterprise. Once thought of as only for consumers, Apple has not so quietly created a $25 billion enterprise business — with no signs of slowing. iPad and iPhone are commonplace in offices around the world, and enterprise giants like IBM, SAP, Cisco, Capital One and GE are proving that Mac can not only save organizations money over PCs, but play a large role in retaining and motivating employees.

If you want to join the Apple at work movement, but have questions yourself about security best practices or, more likely, need to alleviate the security concerns of your executives or information security team, we can help. Get comfortable securing your Apple devices with the same level of confidence you have with Windows.

Do any of these sound familiar?

InfoSec asks

How is APNs structured?

IT asks:

How is Apple management different?

InfoSec asks:

What security features are unique to Apple?

Executives ask:

What to consider when adding Apple devices?

Apple security insight awaits.

Let us put your entire organization at ease by answering your toughest Apple security questions.

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