Exploring AI for IT scripting

Learn about using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help administrators write useful shell scripts in this webinar from Jamf. Get answers to questions like “Can AI understand me or do I need to ‘speak AI’?” and explore where AI works and falls short.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) fever seems to be sweeping the globe, especially when it comes to the possibilities of using advanced chatbot technology. The new generation of AI bots uses statistical models to generate complex text – including usable code.

So where does AI fit into the IT admin toolbox? One area worth exploring is IT scripting, a subject that benefits from effective use of complex vocabulary and muscle-memory.

In our webinar, Exploring AI for IT Scripting, we’ll discuss questions including:

  • Is AI really intelligent, or just a fancier Google?
  • Can AI help administrators write useful shell scripts?
  • Can AI understand me, or do I need to “speak AI”?
  • How deep can we go with using AI for shell scripting?
  • Where does AI work, and where does it fall short?

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