Jamf Integrations

Connect to your favorite tools and leverage Apple devices in new and exciting ways.

All made possible by Jamf — the Apple enterprise platform

No two organizations are the same. From SMB to larger enterprise organizations, our customers use a variety of enterprise tools to deliver a positive work and support experience for employees. Fortunately, the Jamf platform offers hundreds of integrations with tools to streamline IT processes. Jamf fits squarely into your technology stack.

Apple adoption continues to rise and is a standard in the enterprise, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to understand how Apple, powered by Jamf, works with the best-in-class software products and systems.

Because of these integrations and partnerships, Apple in the enterprise and education is not only growing, it's the future.

From native Apple integrations with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager, to cross-industry integrations and specific solutions, Jamf integrates with more than 300 providers to ensure we work the way you need us to work. The Jamf Marketplace is a central location for you to find, learn about and utilize valuable tools to integrate with and extend the Jamf platform. Our partners are many and mighty.



Microsoft's critical infrastructure integrated with Apple technology is transforming the enterprise.


Google is more than search and a browser.

Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager not only adds useful security options and supervision possibilities for admins — the out-of-the-box user experience is unmatched.

Apple School Manager

Jamf integrates with Apple School Manager to automate and simplify device deployments for schools.