Top reasons to use Apple TV for your digital signage

Make it easier for your organization to share dynamic messages by integrating Apple TV, Carousel Digital Signage and Jamf.

June 3 2022 by

Laurie Mona

Digital signage is an effective tool for organizations to share the right message, at the right time, in the right place.

Whether it’s a greeting screen in a hotel lobby, informational messages to employees in common areas, or an instructional tool in a classroom, digital signage is all around us.

In the webinar, Top 5 Reasons to Choose Apple TV for Your Digital Signage, a representative from Carousel Digital Signage joins us to discuss why the best solution for today’s dynamic communication needs is Apple TV-powered displays paired with Carousel and integrated with Jamf.

Avoid supply chain issues

One timely reason Apple TVs are a superior choice for your digital signage network is because the ongoing global chip shortage has had less effect on their availability.

While most traditional signage hardware deployments have been delayed six months because of supply chain issues, Apple TVs are available when you need them.

Not only will Apple TVs ship sooner, they are also able to handle all of your digital signage communication needs quickly and effectively.

Simplify setup and deployment

Another Apple TV digital signage benefit is how Apple’s deployment programs such as Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager simplify the device ordering, shipping and deployment process.

When you enroll with Jamf as your Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform, you can take advantage of the tools which simplify your IT work including:

  • Zero-touch deployment – ship direct to end user
  • Pre-stage enrollment and setup for tvOS – automatic connection and identification
  • Assign Apps & Books – no Apple ID required
  • App configuration and application – manage remotely

Build and share content

Carousel Digital Signage is a cloud-based content management system for digital signage available in the Jamf Marketplace as an integration with Jamf Pro or Jamf School.

In this webinar, Cullen Gross, Carousel sales engineer, shows just how easy it is to create, publish and manage messages in the Carousel software.

Key features demonstrated include dynamic displays, templates and urgent messages.

Do more with less: AirPlay

The Apple technology that makes that most of Apple TV for digital signage is the ability to use AirPlay to do more with the displays you already have.

For example, you can use AirPlay as a remote, to control the AppleTV presentation or display from another Apple device, such as an iPad or Mac. Limiting who can share from which device is as easy as enabling password protection.

Enable safety and emergency notifications

There may be no better example of the power of dynamic messaging than the ability to deliver real-time notifications and alerts.

AirPlay Interrupt allows you to override an airplay session, which cuts the airplay session and launches the carousel alert. From weather alerts to on-site notifications – it’s simple to create an alert within Carousel when you need to communicate effectively, clearly and immediately.

Check out the Top 5 Reasons webinar

For more in-depth understanding and demonstrations of how easy it is to handle your digital signage needs with Apple TV, Carousel and Jamf, check out the webinar today.

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