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November 21, 2022 by Armin Briegel

Use Swift with the Jamf API, Part 3: Optimizing the code

Part three in a technical series focused on using Apple’s Swift programming language to manage devices in Jamf Pro. Working with Swift code, establishing error handling and adding optimizations when calling and handling objects.

November 18, 2022 by Tim Herr

Jamf Breakfast Club: Ensuring safe learning outside the classroom

In this installment of our ongoing web series, Richard Anderton of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership discusses the trust’s 1:1 iPad program and how to help students learn safely outside the confines of school.

November 18, 2022 by Kathryn Joy

Improve engagement and outcomes with Jamf healthcare solutions

Whether you’re new to Jamf’s healthcare solutions and workflows, or you’re one of our dear friends or partners catching up with us, we want to remind you what Jamf in healthcare is about.

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