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June 17, 2022 by Emily Kausalik

Getting to know Declarative Management

Apple gave us a glimpse of its vision for the future of Mobile Device Management at its 2021 World Wide Developers Conference with the introduction of Declarative Device Management. During 2022’s event, Apple kicked down the doors of this new technology, discussing how it will change the future of device management for IT and users alike.

June 17, 2022 by Jesus Vigo

What is Mobile Security?

Securing your mobile fleet, while sharing many similarities with desktop computers, may vary vastly depending on variables specific only to mobile technology. In this blog we breakdown some of those factors unique to mobile devices, which include:

  • Defining what mobile security is
  • Explaining makes mobile endpoint security distinct
  • Discussing common mobile threat types
  • Outlining mobile security solutions
June 16, 2022 by Jesus Vigo

macOS Security Basics Series: The One Where Everyone Read Your Data Because It Wasn’t Encrypted

Encrypting your data may seem like a foreign concept to some users. It may be the stuff of thriller-type novels and spy yarns. But the reality is that encrypting data is a fundamental security control that is built-in into every version of macOS(and iOS for that matter) that serves a singular purpose: keeping unauthorized users from accessing your personal, corporate and privacy data whenever your computer is not in use. As a matter of fact, the benefits combined with a dead simple setup make it a “no brainer” for business and personal users alike, leaving users to wonder why they didn’t enable it sooner.

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