Enhancing employee well-being strategy with iyarn and Jamf Pro

Keeping up with your employees' well-being improves your organization. Jamf Pro and iyarn help check in with employees and deliver data-driven insights to help employers understand their company culture. Learn more about this collaboration.

April 23 2024 by

Nadia Te

Happy employee using device managed by Jamf and running iyarn for well-being check-ins.

Prioritizing employee well-being is paramount. As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of supporting their employees' mental health, innovative solutions are emerging to streamline the process. One such solution is iyarn. iyarn and Jamf Pro leverage the robust capabilities of Jamf to enhance employee wellness strategy and initiatives.

Empowering employees with iyarn

iyarn is a comprehensive digital solution for pastoral care, designed to promote mental health and well-being among employees. iyarn empowers individuals to take proactive steps towards better mental health by offering:

  • Thoughtful check-ins
  • Mood tracking
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Access to mental health resources

Streamlining management with Jamf Pro

Jamf offers Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions trusted by organizations worldwide to manage their Apple devices efficiently and securely. With Jamf Pro and Jamf School, IT administrators can easily deploy, configure, and maintain a fleet of Apple devices, ensuring compliance and security standards are met.

Seamless configuration for enhanced well-being

Businesses can leverage the combined power of these platforms to enhance employee well-being initiatives. Here's how:

Automated deployment: Jamf Pro enables IT administrators to automate the deployment of the iyarn app across all company-owned and school devices. This ensures that employees, students and teachers have easy access to the app, encouraging regular use and engagement.

Policy enforcement: with Jamf Pro's policy-enforcement capabilities, organizations can enforce policies that encourage employees to prioritize their mental health. This could include reminders to take breaks, participate in mindfulness exercises, check-ins, or access mental health resources available through iyarn.

Data insights: Jamf Pro provides valuable insights into device usage patterns, which can be correlated with data from the iyarn to assess the impact of well-being initiatives. Organizations can gain visibility into trends such as app engagement rates, frequency of mood tracking and usage patterns.

Security and compliance: with Jamf Pro's robust security features, organizations can ensure that the iyarn Wellness App and any associated data are protected against unauthorized access or breaches. Compliance with industry regulations such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) can also be maintained effectively.

Driving positive outcomes

Configuring iyarn through Jamf Pro represents a powerful synergy between employee well-being strategy and IT management. By leveraging the automation, insights and security capabilities of Jamf Pro and Jamf School so organizations can effectively support their students’, teachers’ and employees' mental health and foster a culture of well-being.

Ultimately, investing in employee well-being not only benefits individuals but also contributes to organizational success by promoting productivity, engagement and retention. With iyarn and Jamf Pro, organizations can take proactive steps towards creating healthier and more resilient workplaces for their employees.

When employee well-being is rightfully recognized as a top priority, iyarn and Jamf Pro emerges as a game-changer. By harnessing the capabilities of these platforms in tandem, organizations can amplify their efforts to support mental health, drive positive outcomes and cultivate a thriving culture. As we navigate the evolving landscape of work, investing in employee well-being remains an essential pillar of organizational success, and the innovative solutions like iyarn with Jamf Pro paves the way for a brighter, healthier future.

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