Apple Device Management Automate and scale ongoing management tasks for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.

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Device management software

Create a foundation for Apple success.

The first thing you need after purchasing your Apple hardware is device management. Why? Apple devices on their own provide opportunities to users, but how do you expand these opportunities and scale to 100, 1,000 or 100,000 users?

From zero-touch device deployment to app management to enterprise mobility management, the Jamf platform empowers you with the tools you need to maximize and customize every Apple device for every user.

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Mobile Device Management

Apple’s mobile device management (Apple MDM) protocol is a framework that allows Jamf to help you manage devices at scale. This tight integration with Apple preserves the user experience and makes it possible for you to deploy, inventory, manage and secure Apple devices.

Jamf’s Apple-only focus also delivers same-day support with every new Apple operating system, empowering you to confidently, efficiently and securely deliver to users the latest and greatest Apple has to offer.


Apple Device Management for Beginners

If you're diving into Apple device management for the first time, let this comprehensive guide explain the basics so you can help your organization or school get the most out of its technology initiative.


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Zero-Touch Deployment

Zero-touch device deployment is by far the easiest and most efficient way to deploy devices with Jamf and Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.

Once enrolled in one of these Apple deployment programs, Jamf goes to work to configure new devices without requiring hands-on support from you. All the user needs to do is 1) open box 2) power on — there is no step 3.


Zero-Touch Apple Device Deployments for Beginners

In this e-book learn everything you need to know on how to efficiently deploy Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV using Apple’s deployment programs.


Zero-touch enrollment - a beginner’s case study

Learn how to move from heavy-touch deployment of macOS devices to zero-touch in this case study.

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BYOD User Enrollment

Personally-owned devices can be enrolled with User Enrollment, which is designed to keep corporate data safe while protecting users’ privacy. User Enrollment keeps personal and institutional data separate by associating a personal Apple ID with personal data and a Managed Apple ID with corporate data, allowing for limited management of devices using a set of configurations associated with the user, not the entire device.


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Technical Paper

Building a BYOD Program with User Enrollment and Jamf Pro

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Jamf Pro to create a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program in your organization. It also provides information on the management capabilities available with Jamf Pro for personally owned mobile devices enrolled using User Enrollment.

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Managing the Apple Platform

Apple releases new operating systems for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV on an annual basis. At Jamf, we firmly believe that delivering same-day support for each OS and offering users, IT and InfoSec teams the ability to immediately update is paramount to maintaining user productivity and organizational security. Through streamlined Apple OS upgrades and updates, remote device and configuration management, automated inventory collection, custom and curated app store to eliminate IT tickets and data policy enforcement to manage data usage, Jamf device management is a comprehensive platform to keep devices and systems running optimally.

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Mac Management

As Mac continues to gain market share and grow in popularity around the world, you'll need to deploy, connect, inventory and secure this hardware influx. Jamf is the only solution that provides full macOS lifecycle management to automate device enrollment and inventory collection. It also streamlines user, app and resource connections and delivesr state-of-the-art device security that goes well beyond what Apple offers natively.

Jamf Mac management offers:

  • Integration with a cloud identity provider to enable single sign-on
  • Unlimited flexibility and control to automate Apple and third-party software updates
  • Remote access for Mac with TeamViewer
  • Device protection through passcode and FileVault enforcement and remote device wipe and lock
  • App lifecycle management to source, purchase, host, deploy and update apps
  • Integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager to enforce conditional access
  • Enforcement of acceptable usage policies to eliminate shadow IT and block risky content

Jamf Mac management seamlessly pairs with identity and access and security and privacy solutions.


Mac Management for Beginners

If you're diving into Mac management for the first time, let this comprehensive guide explain the basics so you can help your organization or school get the most out of its technology initiative.


macOS Upgrades for Beginners

A new version of macOS is heading to devices near you. As IT leaders, your job is to get these new features and systems into the hands of users, all without disrupting workflows or slowing productivity.

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App Lifecycle Management

Jamf app management lets you designate who gets what software and when. Remotely distribute pre-configured apps to Mac, iPad and iPhone from the App Store, third-party vendors or custom in-house apps. Empower users with single-click instant access to the trusted resources they need.