Mobile Device Management Automate macOS, iOS and Apple TV device management.

Why Apple mobile device management software?

There's a reason employees prefer Apple devices. They offer innumerable configurations for accessibility, preferences and customizations— as well as unparalleled creativity apps.

But for businesses and schools to equip, secure and update these extensive capabilities for thousands, they need the help of a mobile device management (MDM) solution. A good MDM like Jamf will allow you to offer personalized devices that help employees to do their best work while saving time. An MDM automates repetitive management tasks and boosts security by eliminating human error.

Jamf's Apple focus means that we also deliver same-day support for every new Apple OS. So you can immediately deliver updates with confidence.

Zero-touch deployment

Once you enroll mobile devices in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, they ship directly from Apple to employees. IT never touches a device.

As soon as a new employee logs in for the first time, Jamf auto-configures devices and provisions them with business-critical apps based on an employee’s cloud identity credentials.

It’s a seamless and secure onboarding experience. All the user needs to do is:

  1. Open box
  2. Log in

(There is no step 3.)


...with User Enrollment.

Employees need access to corporate resources from anywhere— including from their own mobile devices. But how do you keep corporate data safe while also protecting users’ privacy?

User Enrollment keeps personal and institutional data separate. Using both a personal Apple ID and a managed Apple ID, Jamf allows you to manage only what you need — not the entire device.

We’ll always be Apple first, but if you have BYOD Android devices in your environment, we can help manage and secure those too.


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Upgrades and updates.

Jamf has you covered.

Due to Jamf’s close organizational relationship with Apple, we're able to support new operating system upgrades from the day they release.

And it’s not just to wow you. Delivering same-day support is important for maintaining user productivity and absolutely critical for organizational security.

How do we do it?

Jamf’s Apple mobile device management keeps devices and systems running optimally.

Proper mobile device management is security.

Security management— evolved to support an increasingly mobile workforce.

Hackers are a lot like burglars. Mainly, they choose their targets by who has left a window open: unpatched software, old and unreliable networks and vulnerabilities caused by human error.

Jamf’s holistic management platform runs a tight ship.

Automating inventory, deployment, provisioning and patch management battens down the hatches. Monitoring and malware prevention serve as spyglass and shield.

App management.

Decide who gets what apps— and when.
  • Remotely distribute the most up-to-date apps to Mac, iPad and iPhone from the App Store, third-party vendors or custom in-house apps
  • Automatically package and deploy third-party Mac apps when a new version is available
  • Offer users single-click instant access to the vetted apps they need; no IT ticket required
  • Get the most from your Apple investment with automatic inventory collection that helps you decide which apps are still in use— and which aren’t

OS coverage that’s got you covered

Unparalleled management for each Apple OS.

Free yourself from manual device setup and upkeep.

Jamf macOS management offers:
  • Single sign-on integration with a cloud identity provider
  • Remote access for Mac with TeamViewer
  • Integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager to enforce conditional access
  • Security and privacy seamlessly integrated with cloud identity providers


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