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Mobile Device Management (MDM) Automate Apple device management with Jamf.

Management software for macOS, iOS and Apple TV— made simple.
Staff at work on Apple devices managed by Jamf MDM.

Why Apple mobile device management software?

Apple offers countless configurations for accessibility, preferences and customizations— as well as unparalleled creativity apps.

That’s why businesses and schools need MDM (Mobile Device Management) software to manage, secure and update these extensive capabilities for their Apple fleets.

Superior management software, like Jamf, allows personalized devices that help employees do their best work while saving time. An MDM automates repetitive management tasks and boosts security by eliminating human error.

Zero-touch deployment

Once you enroll mobile devices in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, they ship directly from Apple to employees. With mac device management software like this, IT never touches a device.

As soon as a new employee logs in for the first time, Jamf auto-configures Apple devices and provisions them with business-critical apps based on an employee’s cloud identity credentials.

It’s a seamless and secure onboarding experience. All the user needs to do is:

  1. Open box
  2. Log in

(There is no step 3.)


…takes advantage of Apple’s User Enrollment.

User Enrollment separates personal and corporate data on mobile devices into separate volumes, preserving employee privacy.

Organizations can configure access to corporate services, distribute and manage all work iOS or iPadOS apps, deploy data loss prevention policies and more.

We’ll always be Apple first, but if you have BYOD Android devices, we can help secure those too.

MacBook and iPhone with Sonoma screens.

Apple OS upgrades

Manage and secure your fleet with the most up-to-date Apple releases.

Upgrading the day a new Apple OS releases is critical for organizational security, minimizing downtime and end-user productivity.

What this means with Jamf:

  • Compatibility with key management workflows
  • Streamlined Apple OS upgrades and updates
  • Reduced security vulnerabilities
  • Automated inventory collection and reporting
  • Accelerated adoption of Apple’s most critical workflows


macOS Upgrades for Beginners

A new version of macOS is heading to devices near you. As IT leaders, your job is to get these new features and systems into the hands of users, all without disrupting workflows or slowing productivity.


iPadOS and iOS Upgrades Guide For Beginners

New versions of iPadOS and iOS are here and heading to devices near you. As IT leaders, your job is to get these new features and systems into the hands of users, all without disrupting workflows or slowing productivity.

Employees work on a MacBook managed by Jamf.

Proper mobile device management is security.

Support today's mobile workforce with security management— evolved.

Jamf’s holistic management platform runs a tight ship.

Automating inventory, deployment, provisioning and patch management battens down the hatches with:

App management

Decide who gets what apps— and when.
  • Remotely distribute the most up-to-date apps to Mac, iPad and iPhone from the App Store, third-party vendors or custom in-house apps
  • Automatically package and deploy third-party Mac apps when a new version is available
  • Offer users single-click instant access to the vetted apps they need; no IT ticket required
  • Get the most from your Apple investment with automatic inventory collection that helps you decide which apps are still in use or not

OS coverage that’s got you covered.

Unparalleled management for each Apple OS

MDM for Mac MacOS management, free from manual device setup and upkeep.

Jamf's Mac management software offers:
  • Single sign-on integration with a cloud identity provider
  • Remote access for Mac with Jamf Remote Assist
  • Integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager to enforce conditional access
  • Security and privacy seamlessly integrated with cloud identity providers