Jamf Pro provides same-day support for Apple Vision Pro management

Jamf offers same-day support for Vision Pro device management, released in visionOS 1.1. Jamf Pro supports two enrollment workflows and a variety of configuration options.

March 7 2024 by

Michael Devins

Vision Pro managed by Jamf Pro

Apple Vision Pro is already beginning to show up at work and interest from the enterprise is significant. Companies are exploring the potential of this new platform for both traditional knowledge workers and for an expanding realm of deskless use-cases, including guided work and 3D collaborative design, and more.

In order for IT to support any new platform at work, even in an early pilot stage, there are typically a couple of base requirements: device management and network security. After all, most work resources today are gated behind secure network perimeters and those network technologies are often deployed and configured via MDM.

Just four days after the availability of Apple Vision Pro, the first developer beta of visionOS 1.1 was released, which added support for mobile device management (MDM). Customers participating in the Jamf Pro Beta Program have been able to test device management on Apple Vision Pro since Jamf Pro 11.4 beta 1 became available on February 26.

Apple's visionOS 1.1 is now generally available and Jamf is ready to offer same-day support for Apple Vision Pro device management. Customers wishing to support Apple Vision Pro in their production instance can contact Jamf support to learn more about how to upgrade.

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Apple Vision Pro is truly ready for the enterprise with the release of visionOS 1.1. Let’s review what’s new with device management in this latest release.


Apple Vision Pro with visionOS 1.1 supports two enrollment workflows. Both enrollment options are user-initiated and begin with users entering their Managed Apple ID in Settings → General → VPN & Device Management.

  • Account-driven User Enrollment will initiate privacy-preserving device management that is designed for personal devices used at work. Work data and personal data are separated, and built-in data protections ensure company data is secured and only accessible to work apps and accounts. Personal apps and data are not visible to IT and personal data cannot be erased by IT.
  • Account-driven Device Enrollment will initiate device management that is designed for institutionally-owned devices. Device management has full inventory visibility and includes support for erasing a device remotely via MDM.
Vision Pro enrolling in Jamf Pro

Vision Pro enrolling in Jamf Pro


Apple Vision Pro with visionOS 1.1 supports a variety of configuration profiles and is managed in a similar fashion to Mac, iPhone and iPad. Deploying supported configuration profiles to Apple Vision Pro streamlines the user experience, protects company data and pre-configures apps and accounts to access work resources. Some key configuration profiles supported with visionOS 1.1 include:

  • Wi-Fi
  • VPN
  • Restrictions
  • Mail
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Certificates
  • Exchange ActiveSync
  • DNS Settings

… and more!

App deployment

The App Store for Apple Vision Pro has more than 1,000 apps built specifically for visionOS, as well as more than 1 million compatible apps. With MDM support, organizations can now automatically install and configure apps used for work or make them available in Self Service.

Deploying apps with Self Service on Vision Pro

Deploying apps with Self Service

Device management support with Jamf Pro joins existing support for endpoint security with Jamf Protect and zero trust network access (ZTNA) support with Jamf Connect to provide everything the enterprise requires to achieve Trusted Access with Apple Vision Pro at work.

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