Jamf Support: A BFF you can count on.

We care as much about your Jamf and Apple success as you do.

There when you need us; standing by when you don’t.

Regardless of which Jamf solution you have, we offer a support model to help you get the most out of your technology investment. Dedicated resources and a personalized support experience allow us to get to know your environment and better understand your unique needs. Our commitment to your success doesn’t end when you sign up. It’s only the beginning.

Who is Jamf Support

How can we help you do more with Apple?

Never again waste time navigating a support system that changes each time you call. ​​Jamf Pro support provides you with a Customer Success Manager who will be available to offer advice, guidance and help address any issues that arise.

Whether you need immediate assistance or are the do-it-yourself type who prefers to read help articles, we have you covered. Choose your path and Jamf Now support will help keep your management tool and Apple devices humming.

Whether you use Jamf Pro, Jamf Now or another MDM, Jamf Connect customers receive Jamf Standard Support and benefit from Jamf’s global, world-class support and services team.

Gain visibility and secure your devices from threats and prevent malware, using Jamf Protect for comprehensive endpoint security.

Jamf School supports you every step of the way with two options: Chat and ticket support only or Jamf Enhanced Support, including chat, email, phone and ticket.