Inventory Management Everything you need to know about your environment.

Support hardware, users and everything in between.
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Never again leave device or user status to chance.

Inventory can be a daunting task. So many users, so many devices, so many apps.

The trick is to automate inventory collection to have a 360-view of your environment to know exactly where you may need to take action. We have you covered on where to start.

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Apple Inventory Management Guide

We all have inventory: hardware, operating system versions, serial numbers, application licenses. Learn what you need to know for successful inventory management as well as how to take action on your data and insights for a more managed and secure Apple fleet.

Make your Apple inventory data work for you.

This is exactly what Jamf does to ensure IT, user and hardware efficiencies at all times.

With Jamf, you can collect inventory automatically, organize all information and export reports to show compliance or empower action. Once you have all the data, you can set up a smart group to help you keep track of your user and hardware details, software versions and include security settings.

Keep an eye on:

  • Hardware data — device type/model/name, serial number, Unique Device Identifier (UDID), battery level
  • Security information — encryption status, system configurations, software restrictions, Jailbreak detection
  • Management data — managed status, supervised status, IP address, enrollment method
  • Software data — OS version, apps installed, app versions, storage capacity
  • Additional data — profiles installed, certificates installed, purchasing information, Activation Lock status
Targeting and app reporting go through a cloud into a MacBook.

Smart targeting and app reporting

The keys to your management power.

Smart targeting

Jamf Pro collects device inventory details — including custom inventory attributes you define — of all managed devices, making it easy to identify which ones require updates. Using Jamf for your Apple inventory software solution, you can build groups based on inventory criteria and then trigger device management tasks automatically to specific individuals or groups, or make items available on-demand to users with Self Service.

App reporting

Ensuring that apps are up-to-date, both to get the latest and greatest software and to avoid security risks associated with outdated apps, is an important piece of application lifecycle management. With complete visibility into the status of your software, report on all of the app titles and versions installed in your environment, giving you the ability to demonstrate compliance or take action.