Endpoint protection built exclusively for Mac.

Prevent macOS malware, detect from Mac-specific threats, and monitor endpoints for compliance with Jamf Protect.

Jamf Protect is built for Mac to protect Mac.

Developed exclusively for macOS, Jamf Protect provides a complete solution to maintain endpoint compliance, monitor for, respond to, and remediate security incidents on macOS with minimal impact to the device and end-user experience.

Jamf Protect: Security built by the Mac experts.

Detect Mac-specific threats

Defend against new and sophisticated attacks on your Mac. Jamf Protect provides full visibility into events on devices, even if offline or remote. With a deep understanding of normal activity on macOS, you will quickly be alerted to malicious actions of applications, scripts and users to minimize dwell times.

Prevent known macOS malware

With comprehensive insight into Mac-specific malware, Jamf Protect prevents known malware from running on your devices and quarantines them for later analysis. Lock down unwanted software by letting Jamf Protect limit its execution.

Speed up Incident Response on Mac

Detections that provide full context behind the activity on your devices make investigations on Mac simple. Together with Jamf Pro and Jamf Connect, isolating machines or users, eradicating unwanted files, resetting security settings, and getting devices back into a trusted state becomes easy and can even be automated.

Monitor for Mac endpoint compliance

Centralize log data from all of your Mac by letting Jamf Protect forward data from the macOS Unified Log to your system of record. Ensure your security posture fleetwide stays compliant by monitoring security settings on your Mac against a common benchmark such as those by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

Meet end-user expectations

Maintain the experience and privacy end-users expect from Apple devices. By leveraging supported Mac infrastructure and the native Endpoint Security Framework, Jamf Protect minimizes the impact on the device and user.

Same-day support

A security vendor should not be the reason you delay upgrading to the latest OS. Jamf Protect supports the latest OS from the first day it's available, so you can ensure the latest and most secure macOS experience.

Put security best practices to the test.

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