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What is Jamf Ventures?

Jamf Ventures is an investment fund managed by Jamf: a software company whose purpose is to simplify work. Jamf Ventures is focused on minority investments (seed to Series A) in early-stage companies across the globe that provide strategic value to our shared customers.

Are you a Jamf Ventures company?

We invest in technology and cybersecurity companies that support the Apple ecosystem.

We aim to build partnerships with innovative technology companies that accelerate growth— typically within the healthcare, education, retail or hospitality industries. Jamf provides access to capital, industry expertise, professional networks and channels to customers.

Do you offer:

  • Innovative products with a unique competitive advantage?
  • International market potential?
  • Potential for GTM and R&D cooperation with Jamf?
  • Commercial traction?
  • Attractive deal structure?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might just be a Jamf Ventures company.

SwiftConnect logo

Venture Spotlight: SwiftConnect...

...driving employee experiences and security through tech.

SwiftConnect is a cloud platform provider that manages and connects disparate access-control systems with mobile credential platforms, user directories and other systems that influence physical access requirements. They focus on owner and enterprise portfolios. In addition to streamlining the access management process, SwiftConnect also links its customers to a virtual badge on their mobile devices.

By partnering with Jamf, SwiftConnnect can learn from and build upon our physical and digital technology security.

We’re grateful for their [Jamf Ventures] partnership and look forward to the future together.
Chip Kruger CEO, SwiftConnect


New Jamf Ventures Investment Fund Supports Security and Technology Innovators

Jamf Ventures benefits

The ultimate win-win.

Jamf Ventures combines 20+ years of Apple enterprise management experience with your growing business and ambitions to:

  • Leverage unique access to Jamf’s extensive APIs, technologies and IT and security research and expertise
  • Increase brand awareness with co-marketing opportunities
  • Tap into senior leadership at Jamf to help solve customer needs

Venture Spotlight: Monscierge...

...empowers organizations to deliver content across multiple digital touchpoints.

Monscierge is a global software company that improves loyalty, increases revenue and improves operational efficiency. It specializes in innovative hospitality solutions for properties, owners and brands. Since 2009, Monscierge’s platform Connect powers many cloud-based hospitality technologies at once for a consistent, personalized travel experience - all while creating new revenue streams for the hotels.

Jamf and Monscierge's partnership provides a secure enterprise solution to simplify the hospitality staff experience and ultimately the guest experience.

Our partnership with Jamf will help to provide a seamless, secure and the most innovative platform for hospitality and healthcare brands to connect and communicate.
Marcus Robinson CEO, Monscierge


Jamf Ventures invests in Monscierge, a leading hospitality and healthcare communications platform

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