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Online Training Catalog

The Jamf Online Training Catalog allows you to choose which Apple management workflows you want to learn. This resource is available for free to all Jamf customers.

The Jamf 100 Course offers an introduction to Jamf Pro and managing Apple devices. This course covers foundations for macOS, iOS and Jamf Pro. This course is self-paced, completely free and offered online.

Successfully pass the Certified Associate Exam – based on the content of the Jamf 100 Course – to earn the Associate certification.

The Remote Jamf 200 Course builds upon the lessons in the Jamf 100 Course and takes a broader, more hands-on approach to Apple device management with Jamf Pro.

The Remote Jamf 300 Course builds on the IT professional’s knowledge of Jamf Pro and the macOS/iOS platforms. This course applies a practical and scenario-based examination for the management of Apple devices.

The Remote Jamf 370 Course provides a core understanding of how to leverage Jamf Pro and Jamf Protect for the security of macOS endpoints, with a scenario and example-based environment to continue learning how to securely manage and protect Macs with Jamf.

The Remote Jamf 400 Course strengthens and expands the IT professional’s skill set with Jamf Pro and macOS. This course takes a deep dive into macOS management through real-world, challenge-based scenarios.

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