Remote Jamf 400 Course

Become a Jamf Certified Expert from the comfort of your home office.

The Remote Jamf 400 Course is the fourth in a set of sequential training course offerings concentrating on the automation functions of Jamf Pro. Our hands-on, scenario-based course environment is the best way to ace Jamf Pro.


  • Explore the user management and data storage capabilities of Jamf Pro including certificates and scheduled tasks
  • Report data from scripts using loops, reserved words, operators, arrays, user interaction and regular expressions
  • Read, parse, and add data with the Jamf Pro Classic API and the Jamf Pro API
  • Explore JSON syntax to augment Jamf Pro data management workflows
  • Modify computer application preferences with advanced Composer workflows
  • Programmatically create and modify property list (.plist) files
  • Parse data, including extension attributes, to report information back to Jamf Pro

What’s Included:

  • Four days (9 AM - 5 PM each day) of virtual classroom interaction
  • Server infrastructure
  • Digital course materials
  • The certification process is comprised of four (4) graded scenarios administered during class
  • Jamf Certified Expert badge on your Jamf Nation profile (upon successfully completing the exam with a passing score)


Version 9 certifications will no longer be eligible as prerequisites as of September 1, 2023.

  • Earned Jamf Certified Admin or Certified Casper Admin (version 9)
  • Previous Jamf Certified Expert or Certified Casper Expert certification (version 9)
  • Basic scripting knowledge including variables and if statements

Customer Requirements:

  • A reliable internet connection—capable of receiving 5.0 Mbps and sending 3.0 Mbps
  • A test (non-production) Mac with any version of macOS Ventura 13 and a functioning camera
  • Optional, but highly encouraged: An additional computer (production) or external monitor

Please note: Non-production means that the device or computer can be used for testing in class. The device or computer must not currently be enrolled in any MDM Server, they should be unassigned in Apple Business Manager or School Manager and not in scope of a PreStage enrollment.

macOS Virtual Machines will not work as a substitute for a physical test computer.

Ready to Enroll?

Register with your Training Pass through Jamf Nation or contact your Customer Success Manager or Sales Representative.

For more information, please review the Training Policies.