Jamf Executive Threat Protection Advanced threat detection and response.

Mobile attacks are finally visible.

The modern workforce is mobile.

But mobile is the weakest link.

Users work from mobile devices more than ever before. And some of these devices access critical company and personal information. Jamf Executive Threat Protection keeps this data safe from increasingly sophisticated threats.

Complete mobile security

Users requiring the highest level of security possible need advanced detection and response, which provides visibility into sophisticated attacks that Apple’s Lockdown Mode aims to prevent.

Jamf does this by validating the integrity of a device and analyzing any compromise — without sacrificing privacy.

Jamf Executive Threat Protection prevents:

  • Kernel, browser, cellular and app attacks
  • OS-level attacks
  • 0-click and 1-click exploits

Advanced detection and response

Monitor beyond apps and device management to instantly find signs of compromise and provide rich context to a sophisticated mobile attack.

Jamf Executive Threat Protection collects:

  • Crash, Wi-Fi manager and App Store logs
  • Spindumps and IPS files
  • Stackshots and system diagnostics
  • Configuration profiles
  • Processes and threads
  • Installed apps and file names
  • Developer certificates

It does not collect personal information like passwords, photos/videos, text messages and call data, contacts or browser history.

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