Endpoint Protection Keep organizational data and user privacy safe.

Designed to protect against new and evolving security threats. Purpose-built for Apple.

Stop malware in its tracks.

Actively monitor Mac for known or suspected threats and receive alerts in real time.

Prevent known malware – and their variants – from running on Mac.

Enterprise endpoint security, made by Jamf and designed for Apple, minimizes risk from known and unknown threats like malware and potentially unwanted apps. Our comprehensive threat prevention and remediation solution doesn’t compromise security, privacy or performance.

Protection from threats: inside and out.

Jamf’s endpoint security products deliver:

  • Advanced behavioral monitoring for suspicious threats, like exploits to vulnerabilities

  • On-device analysis, meaning faster detections, notifications and threat response

  • Increased visibility and compliance with granular reporting and real-time alerts

  • Enforcement of data policies to ensure only compliant storage devices are permitted

White Paper

Filling the Gap: macOS Security

Discover how to extend the existing macOS security model, fill in the gaps, and add the macOS-specific value that security teams need to operate effectively to keep their organization safe from threats.


Mobile Threat Defense for Beginners

Apple builds one of the strongest out-of-the-box secure platforms on the market, and as Apple devices and fleets increase within enterprises and organizations so do threats that target Apple devices and operating systems. Arm yourself with Jamf.

Remediation controls. Automated.

Apple device remediation using Jamf means you can:

  • Prevent suspicious threats from executing on Mac and mobile devices

  • Quarantine malicious software to minimize impact

  • Use up-to-date threat intelligence from Jamf Threat Labs

  • Minimize data loss by blocking unapproved storage devices

White Paper

The Guide to Successful macOS Security Incident Response

Learn how macOS security incident response should position IT and Infosec teams to prepare, analyze, and respond to the attacks and issues aimed at your Mac fleet.


Advanced Guide to Incident Response and Remediation

Guide to successfully preparing incident response and remediation procedures.