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Endpoint Protection Keep organizational data and user privacy safe.

Designed to protect against new and evolving security threats.
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Employee works on a MacBook secured by Jamf solutions.

Stop malware in its tracks.

Actively monitor Mac for known or suspected threats and receive alerts in real time.

Prevent known malware – and their variants – from running on Mac.

Enterprise endpoint security, made by Jamf and designed for Apple, minimizes risk from known and unknown threats like malware and potentially unwanted apps. Our comprehensive threat prevention and remediation solution doesn’t compromise security, privacy or performance.

Endpoint protection

From threats inside and out

Jamf’s endpoint security products deliver:

  • Advanced behavioral monitoring for suspicious threats, like exploits to vulnerabilities

  • On-device analysis, meaning faster detections, notifications and threat response

  • Increased visibility and compliance with granular reporting and real-time alerts

  • Enforcement of data policies to ensure only compliant storage devices are permitted

Endpoint remediation controls. Automated.

Apple device remediation using Jamf means you can:

  • Prevent suspicious threats from executing on Mac and mobile devices

  • Quarantine malicious software to minimize impact

  • Use up-to-date threat intelligence from Jamf Threat Labs

  • Minimize data loss by blocking unapproved storage devices

Jamf Executive Threat Protection Mobile attacks are finally visible.

Advanced detection and response capabilities provide an efficient, remote method to detect incidents or activities on mobile devices and the tools needed to respond.
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Why Jamf Executive Threat Protection?

Endpoint security is about in-depth defense.

A mobile device management (MDM) foundation ensures devices are properly configured while comprehensive endpoint protection and mobile threat defense stop threats like malware, phishing, ransomware and more. But vulnerabilities do exist, and sophisticated attackers will attempt to exploit them and compromise devices.

Screenshot of an attack timeline delivered by Jamf Executive Protection.

More than endpoint security and MDM Built for enterprise and governments.

Discover and respond to mobile attacks.

Jamf Executive Threat Protection secures your mobile endpoints against threats facing mobile devices.

Gain extended visibility into your mobile fleet from anywhere. With rich mobile endpoint telemetry, manual investigation time is reduced from weeks to minutes. Go beyond MDM to collect mobile information and system logs that are used to support comprehensive investigations.

iPhone screens displaying security data collection and report

Detect endpoint threats faster…

…and remediate confidently.

Jamf Executive Threat Protection:

  • Identifies indicators of compromise
  • Constructs a timeline of suspicious events
  • Presents a straightforward incident summary
  • Destroys advanced persistent threats with built-in response tools