Threat detection, prevention and remediation One platform to provide three essential security elements.

Flexible security without the complexity.

Combine customizable behavioral analytics to identify malicious and suspicious behavior with the ability to create personalized analytics for threat hunting within your environment. Each analytic is mapped to the powerful MITRE ATT&CK framework – the same organization that detects and catalogs threats through its Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database – to prevent known malware against Apple.

Add powerful Mac threat remediation and mobile threat defense workflows to not only minimize risk but also automate functions to quarantine, sanitize and remediate infections, all while keeping the process seamless to the end user and maintaining the full Apple experience. Speaking of processes, because of the deep level of integration with Apple, Jamf products perform efficiently, using only the resources necessary to keep your endpoints secure without relying on heavy-handed controls or third-party dependencies that can bog down machines and systems.

Detection and real-time alerts.

Using Jamf for detection delivers:

  • Behavioral detections mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to monitor for known malware threats and a continuously updated threat database, ensuring high-fidelity between alerts triggered and prevention of unwanted apps and processes.
  • Behavioral analytics that make it easy to understand the context of the device when the alert is raised and an understanding of why it was raised.
  • Threat hunting with your own custom analytics or customized built-in behavioral analytics to hunt for Mac and mobile device threats that specifically target your environment.
  • Real-time alerts when malicious or suspicious activity is detected, including details of Mac-specific threats, hardware and software details. All delivered to where you need to see security alerts.

Streamlined Mac and iOS threat prevention.

Using Jamf for Apple threat prevention delivers:

  • Antivirus protection to minimize risks to your environment by preventing known Mac malware types, including adware, ransomware and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), stopping them from executing on organizational devices.
  • Quarantine and automatic removal of malware from the user’s environment, isolating it from the system to conduct threat analysis at a later time.
  • Threat intelligence to take advantage of Jamf’s extensive knowledge of Mac-specific and mobile malware through ongoing, leading-edge internal research team and third-party feeds.
  • Management of applications to control unwanted apps and prevent access to Mac apps that are not approved by corporate policy using customized block lists to restrict untrusted applications from executing on company devices.
  • Mobile threat detection and zero-day phishing prevention.


Mobile Threat Defense for Beginners

Apple builds one of the strongest out-of-the-box secure platforms on the market, and as Apple devices and fleets increase within enterprises and organizations so do threats that target Apple devices and operating sytems. Arm yourself with Jamf Threat Defense.


Essential Guide to Antivirus for Mac

Discover the latest malware trends impacting the Apple ecosystem and how Jamf helps your organization protect and remediate against them.

Effective endpoint remediation.

Using Jamf for Apple threat remediation delivers:

  • Automated responses to obtain granular insights into your macOS and iOS device health and activities. Always be aware of your device’s status with active monitoring and unified log forwarding to your SIEM solution, while minimizing the impact on hardware resources.
  • IT and InfoSec alignment to create incident response workflows for addressing security incidents that work with your procedures – instead of against them.
  • Customized end-user experiences to trigger alerts as part of your triage workflow or to create tailored dialogs, workflows and videos to inform and educate users while remediating issues in the background.
  • Integration into the rest of your security stack through Jamf APIs to securely exchange data, extend capabilities and enable advanced, automated workflows.


Advanced Guide to Incident Response and Remediation

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