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Altiris Plug-In User Guide

See how the Altiris Plug-In framework allows you to use the Casper Suite to manage your Apple devices, while leveraging your existing Altiris Client Management Suite infrastructure for Windows management.

Current Version: 3.22 (PDF)   2.12 (PDF)   

Casper Focus User Guide

Learn how to use Casper Focus, an iOS app that gives teachers management over the devices used during class time by allowing the teacher to “focus” the devices on a single app or website.

Current Version: 9.96 (PDF)   8.7 (PDF)   

Casper Suite Administrator’s Guide

These guides contain overviews of features and instructions for performing administrative tasks using the Casper Suite.

Current Version: 9.99.0 (PDF)   8.7 (PDF)   

Casper Suite Release Notes

See what's new, key features, and installation guidelines with the Casper Suite.

Current Version: 9.99.0 (PDF)   8.73 (PDF)